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​Selected Talks

  • November 2022: Oxford Brookes University, UK

​​What can dance do against rising loneliness and mental health problems in young people?

  • June 2022:  International Conference on Social Identity and Health (ICSIH-5)

Social alignment and mental wellbeing in the pandemic


  • January 2022: Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development

Chicken and egg? Unravelling the links between over-imitation and social affiliation 

  • October 2021: Nottingham Trent University, UK

Social bonding and movement alignment in children and autism

It'll never work on Zoom: learnings in online participation

  • January 2021: Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Germany

Is social distancing a social norm?

  • November 2020: University College London, Action & Body Group, UK

Why do people adhere to Covid-19 guidelines: Insights from a global study

  • May 2019: International Society for Autism Research (INSAR), Canada

Measuring imitation ability in autism using dynamic time warping applied to a dance video game task

Chameleon effect in autism: Decreased mimicry of body movements in social interaction contexts

Tell me more: Storytelling in autism reflects motor, executive, and social impairments

  • March 2019: Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD), USA

Taking it slow: reduced tempo training improves dance movement imitation in children with autism

  • May 2018: University of Manchester, Body, Eyes and Movement (BEAM) Lab, Manchester, UK

Inter-personal movement synchrony and social bonding across development

  • June 2017: Society for Philosophy and Psychology 43rd Meeting, USA

Inferring social affiliation from synchronous movements

  • June 2016: Aegina Summer School, Greece

Movement synchrony facilitates social bonding across group divides​


  • Professional development talks (2017 - pres.): Psikologlar Akademi, TAF Network, Avcilar Evrim Atolyesi, Ege University Psychology Society


  • I teach undergraduate and Master's level classes on Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology and Quantitative Research Methods.

  • Guest lectures: Introduction to Autism (2019-2021), Social Communication in Autism (2019-2020), Ethics in Research with Human Participants (2016)



  • Currently supervising 3 MSc students and 1 PhD student in Applied Psychology at NTU

  • Co-supervised a PhD student to successful completion in the University of Oxford

  • Supervised several MSc (NTU, University of Nottingham) and BSc (NTU, Johns Hopkins Univ.) students​

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