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I am deeply passionate about spreading the word of science, especially to those who are least likely to access it otherwise. Please contact me for media enquiries, consultancy requests and science outreach projects in my areas of research expertise – behavioural change, social interactions, norms, mental health, wellbeing, social bonding, dance, imitation, child development.

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Outreach projects
Tate Exchange London public engagement event June 2019 - MOVE!

Tate Exchange London public engagement event June 2019 - MOVE!

"Moving Humans" was on the agenda of this year's TATE EXCHANGE EVENT, organised by the Institute of Philosophy, University of London, curated by Professor Ophelia Deroy from the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Germany. Amazing 21 arts and science teams showcased their work to the general public in June 2019. Watch them in action in this clip! The clip has been curated by the arts-science team Dance Your Emotion as part of our dissemination efforts to bring science to everybody through the arts. Production: 3FISH ( Film makers, story, postproduction: Mr Sina HN Yazdi & Mrs Fahima Farrahi Camera: Mr Sina HN Yazdi and Mr Mansur Nazarli Interviewees: Prof Deroy (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany) Prof Tsakiris (University of London, UK) Prof Roepstorff (Aarhus University, DK) Dr Galvez-Pol (UCL, UK) Ms Anna Engberg-Pedersen (Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin, Germany) Prof Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy, University of London, UK) Interviewer: Dr Julia F Christensen (Max Planck Institute for empirical Aesthetics; Dance Your Emotion team) Persian Dancer: Ms Shahrzad Khorsandi Principle investigator: Prof Vincent Walsh, University College London Funders: British Academy London Mobility grant (PM160240) and the Max Planck Institute for empirical Aesthetics, Germany. We would also like to specifically thanks Mr Ken Emond from the British Academy for all his help and guidance in the processes of our project. BIG THANK YOU. A special thank you also to Mr Richard Somerville from the Institute of Philosophy, University of London, for his incredibly efficient help and coordination during the Tate Exchange event. Thanks You!!! Dance Your Emotion YouTubeChannel: 3FISH YouTube Channel: Shahrzad Khorsandi YouTubeChannel: At the beginning of our clip, we use some footage that 3FISH shot at Kanyon shopping mall in Istanbul, of a wonderful tango event organised by Academia Del Tango Istanbul. In particular we also show a brief intense moment of two lovely dancers. Thank you very much for agreeing to be part of our little clip. Here are the credits: Institutions: Academia Del Tango Istanbul - Kanyon - Artists: Batuhan Boy Nida İnceoğlu
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