What can activities like dance or sports, in which we align our movements to other people, do for social bonding and mental wellbeing? In this line of research, I am working with non-academic partners to explore how group sports and dance can positively impact young people’s wellbeing.

With generous funding from Sport England, we are looking at how being enrolled in a sports programme impacts on children’s wellbeing, resilience and connections with their local community. This project is part of a large coalition including the Nottingham Trent University, University of Nottingham, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and Notts County Foundation. This project is also an excellent volunteering opportunity for students of UoN and NTU!

In other recent work funded by TORCH (University of Oxford), I am collaborating with the talented artists of Body Politic dance company. We are examining how a 5-week hip-hop dance programme affects young people's wellbeing and social bonding with fellow dancers. See this project's OSF page for more info here.

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Emma Cohen (University of Oxford)

Emma-Jane Greig (Body Politic Dance Company)

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

Notts County Foundation

Key Publications