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Dr Bahar Tunçgenç

Researcher of psychology | Advocate of science and social equality | Keen but forgetful book reader & cinephile |
Enjoys people watching and nature walks

I'm a faculty member at Nottingham Trent University and a research affiliate at the University of Oxford.

I studied psychology and cognitive science at the Middle East Technical University in my home country, Turkey, and completed my PhD studies at the Social Body Lab, University of Oxford. Following that, I worked as a postdoc at the Johns Hopkins University before moving to Nottingham.

Research Interests


We humans form strong bonds with strangers from very young ages onwards. By shaping our preferences and behaviours, these bonds help us feel more connected to our environment and can improve our wellbeing.

What are the origins of our social bonds? How do we come to trust and love other people? And what does this do for our life satisfaction and wellbeing? My research aims to answer these questions from a developmental, social, cognitive and evolutionary lens using methods of experimental psychology and anthropology.

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