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Dr Bahar Tunçgenç 

Psychology researcher | Advocate of science and social equality |
Keen but forgetful book reader & cinephile | Loves people watching and nature walks
Bahar Tuncgenc research.jpg
Research interests

What are the origins of the social bonds we form with others - even strangers - from young ages onwards? How do we communicate that we love or trust people without saying a word, using our bodies? And how can social connections enhance mental health and wellbeing?

My research aims to answer these questions from a developmental, social, cognitive and evolutionary lens using methods of experimental psychology and anthropology. I work with partners ranging from local dance and sports organisations to government departments to bring behavioural insights, evaluate programmes and consult on policy.

Brief bio

Dr Tunçgenç is a faculty member at Nottingham Trent University and a research affiliate at the University of Oxford.

She studied psychology and cognitive science at the Middle East Technical University where she focussed on young children's understanding of social norms. Her PhD studies at the Social Body Lab, University of Oxford revealed the unique role of synchronising body movements in social bonding with peers. Her postdoc toral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University examined how different forms of body alignment relate to social interactions in autism. As a research fellow at the University of Nottingham, she led a global-scale study on social norms, behavioural change and mental health during Covid-19.

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